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Direct Instruction: We are learning to write a creative and catchy song. In this lesson you will see a review of the plan we create in our earlier lesson. The children got up and shared. We also look back at what we want for our songs discussing the chorus and verses again. Children then work in groups to create their own catchy songs. At the end of the lesson we had time to share back our songs with each other and give some positive feedback.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: This lesson was so joyful. The children loved working together and writing songs. Even when they disagreed they found a way to move forward and make a catchy song. One thing I really loved was the way in which the children commented about other groups songs and how much they liked them. I even found myself singing the songs on my way home.

Things to note: Some of the Camera angles cut out some group members as children moved during filming.


We are learning to write a creative and catchy song.


Working in groups:

Use the ideas from our brainstorm to create a repetitive and catchy chorus.

Then write three verses that tell the story of our class.

Class song

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