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Question-Answer Relationships

The Learning Intention for this lesson was to recognise and answer different types of questions using their knowledge of the “Question-Answer Relationships” strategy.

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Strategic reading allows students to monitor their own thinking and make connections between texts and their own experiences. The students practised to identify where and how answers can be found, and demonstrate their understanding of the main comprehension strategies. This lesson took place after a few modelling and scaffolding QAR lessons. In this session I focused on gradually releasing responsibility for QAR to the students. They obviously need more practice to be able to apply this strategy independently to other texts.

Overall, I was pleased with this lesson as the students managed to identify, craft and answer literal and inferential questions. We had some meaningful conversations about the text and the topic; the students were able to pose new questions, make connections to their prior knowledge and, after the lesson, they wanted to learn more about our topic.

Things to note: these students are working at Level 2 of the NZC; they are just beginning to use QAR hence we use a simplified way of doing it.

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Recognise and answer different types of questions using Question-Answer Relationships: right there+think and search/ author and me/ on my own


Complete an assigned task (on Jam board)

Explain your comprehension strategies when responding to the text

Pose new questions about the text and the topic

Share your learning on your blog.

Question-Answer Relationships

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