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Multimodal Site & Hands-on Science Investigations

The learning intention for this lesson was for the students to learn about the Earth's structure through hands-on explorations and discussing simple models. This episode contains snapshots of a number of our learning sessions within the 'Planet Earth and Natural Disasters' unit and shows a high level of student engagement, motivation and outcomes.

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As it can be seen during the first few minutes of the lesson, some students had little to no knowledge about geography and planet Earth. There were some delays during the whole-class activities as different students required different time to carry out their experiments. Some learners decided to draw tectonic plates and the Ring of Fire on their eggs that hadn't been originally planned. I supported their initiative and split the class into smaller groups allowing for more differentiation. During the entire unit, my students stayed highly engaged and motivated. The use of the multimodal site was an effective way to spark student excitement and curiosity for learning.

Class Site Content


  • To find out what scientists think is inside of the Earth

  • To use simple models to represent the Earth

  • To communicate our ideas, experiences and information


  • participate in science experiments/ explorations

  • create simple scientific models and diagrams

  • interpret the information presented in a range of texts

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