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Composite Patterns

The Learning Intentions for this lesson were to identify the unit of repeat in a repeating pattern, and apply new and known patterning language; notice, describe and explain the rule for the pattern in the composite pattern.

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This time I introduced a completely new maths concept. It required a lot of explicit teaching - telling and explaining. I still tried my best to let my students contribute and participate during this lesson and apply their new knowledge when analysing the composite pattern. I worked with a whole class - a diverse group of students working at Stages 2 - 5. However, I think the content of the lesson was suitable to work with the whole class and kept all of my students engaged. All of the students were extremely engaged during the practical task and created their own fabulous composite patterns.

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  • identify the unit of repeat in a repeating pattern and apply known patterning language

  • identify and describe the composite pattern and explain its rules

Learn: Patterns are an important part of mathematics. We notice the relations between pattern attributes and predict what will happen next.


- Find or create a composite pattern

- Explain its attributes and rules

- Record a video or a presentation of your pattern

- Save on your Drive

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