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Number Talk

The Learning Intention for this lesson was to engage my students in meaningful mathematical conversations and develop their mathematical thinking. Number Talks aim to build confidence and number fluency, where students recognise relationships within and between numbers, understand the properties of numbers and operations, and are able to communicate their mathematical reasoning. During our Number Talks, we value all the different ways learners see mathematics and the different solutions they create.

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I believe that the lesson went well and my students came away with a good understanding of the importance of being creative with their maths reasoning and taking risks. As all of the students were able to think-pair-share, repeat or revoice, add on or agree-disagree with the answers of their peers, I know that they were actively engaged and used their critical thinking. I was really proud of my student who fixed her mistake during the lesson (this was done with my prompting rather than direct explanation).

Things to note:

One of our most important goals during the number talks is to help students develop social and mathematical agency; that's why I use different resources for the Number Talks: equations, subitising cards and pictures, 'maths eyes' activities, manipulatives to represent maths problems, etc

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WALT: come up with different strategies to solve maths problems and explain our thinking so it makes sense to others

Learn: All students have mathematical ideas worth listening to, and together we learn to develop, express and evaluate these ideas (strategies) clearly.

Create: Students have to actively participate in class Number Talks to share and reflect on their strategies and learn more ways to solve the problem.

Share: Add your strategy to this Google Slide deck (a follow-up activity)

Collaborative Learner Generated Content

(follow-up activity)

Number talk: Addition strategies

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