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Drawing for Visualising and Reading Comprehension

The Learning Intention for this online session was to help students visualise what they read by drawing an image (drawing through the text). They had to comprehend and recall the important details from the text to draw a space creature described in the text.

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My students and I enjoyed this lesson. I was pleased with the enthusiasm of my learners. Everyone was actively engaged and supportive of others. This was especially evident when the students asked questions and clarified some vocabulary as needed. After setting up the expectations and our initial conversation about the task, I let my students run this lesson promoting their collaboration, thinking skills and developing student agency. This activity required a lot of comprehension and thinking skills along with general knowledge and vocabulary, and the students definitely made an effort to think critically about the text and beyond. They worked together displaying good working habits and etiquette. I think this was a really collaborative sense-making lesson. Their drawings looked great!

Things to note: This lesson was filmed during lockdown. This task was adapted from the ARBS listening comprehension task.

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Learn: Visualising as one of the important reading comprehension strategies. We learnt and practised the "During-Reading Response' or "Drawing through the Text" technique.

Create: Students practised their visualising skills by drawing a strange space creature described in the text.

Share: participated in Google Meets and shared their drawings online


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