The Learning Intention for this online session was to

  • understand the concept of probability

  • identify all possible outcomes and compare the likelihoods for simple situations involving chance

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My students and I enjoyed this lesson. Some of them were surprised that probability (chance) is the maths concept. Starting by making connections to their personal experiences and prior-knowledge helped them feel more comfortable when exploring the new maths topic. I tried to vary the scaffolding of the activities to make the learning opportunities accessible to all my diverse learners. The carefully selected and prepared activities helped the students think through chances and compare the likelihoods for simple situations involving probability. I believe that all students showed their understanding of this concept. Some of them also understood that the probability can be linked to and measured using fractions.

Things to note: This lesson was filmed during lockdown.

Class Site Content

Learn: The concept of probability. Students explored the idea of something being possible, impossible, probable, likely, unlikely, certain or impossible.

Create: students thought through all possible outcomes of various events based on their own experiences, prior knowledge and probability. We played games to support their understanding of the new topic.

Share: participated in Google Meets and shared their learning on their blogs

Probability chances

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