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Developing Multiplicative Thinking & Word Problem-solving skills

The Learning Intention for this lesson was to engage my students in meaningful mathematical conversations and develop their multiplicative thinking and problem-solving skills by applying various strategies including skip-counting, repeated addition, known multiplication facts, and communicating mathematical reasoning.

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During this lesson, we used different multiplication strategies linking them to a concept of combining groups of equal sizes . Fluency comes when students develop number sense and practise their knowledge, when they are mathematically confident because they understand basic facts and times tables, not just because they memorised them. I focused on scaffolding and shifting my students from skip-counting and additive thinking to multiplicative thinking. Word problems in mathematics can also pose a challenge because they require that students read and comprehend the text of the problem and identify the question that needs to be answered. I used Jamboard to help my students visualise the problems and created opportunities to practise word problem-solving strategies. I think that my students were actively engaged and used their critical and problem-solving thinking.

Things to note:

This episode was filmed during a 'whole-class' online maths lesson.

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WALT: come up with different strategies to solve multiplication problems and explain our thinking so it makes sense to others

Learn: All students have mathematical ideas worth listening to, and together we learn to develop, express and evaluate these ideas (strategies) clearly.

Create: Students have to actively participate in this class online maths lesson to share and reflect on their strategies and learn more ways to solve problems.

Share: Participate during the lesson and complete the follow-up activities

Weeks 1-2 T4 Multiplicative thinking - online learning 2021

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