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Poetry in Lockdown

Reading a range of poems required students to:

  • confidently use a range of processing and comprehension strategies to make meaning from and think critically about poetry

  • identify how the author has used language for effect - explore rhyme, rhythm, repetition and other poetry features

  • read expressively for an audience and enjoy poetry

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During the entire poetry week, the students stayed highly engaged and motivated. I was pleased with the enthusiasm and active participation of all of them. I created multiple opportunities to scaffold stronger readers and at the same time allowed my not-so-confident learners to enjoy these lessons and feel successful while completing differentiated activities. I believe that I managed to create an equitable learning environment and experience for my diverse learners. An important part of this success was preparing a collection of high-interest reading resources and tasks that the students were able to use both during Google Meets and independently during home learning.

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  • Enjoy and appreciate poetry

  • Explore poetry elements and language

  • Examine poems more closely in order to evaluate our understanding.


  • participate in Google Meet lessons and complete various poetry activities

  • practise fluency and expressive reading skills

  • record themselves reading poems

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