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Direct Instruction

The focus of this lesson was actually on the create task that was assigned to the students after they engaged with a range of texts about the moon. This took place at the end of term where I was happy to dedicate a whole lesson to create and integrate reading , science and art.

Extended plan here


We all had a good laugh during this lesson as the create task was almost a flop! This was certainly a lesson where we persevered and learnt from our mistakes, despite this not being the focus at all. I had got the idea for the art from images on Pinterest and this post and only made a start to the project on my own, which at the time felt successful but did not work quite the same in class!

Things to note

I had unfortunately been away between launching this lesson and coming back at the end of the week to facilitate the create task. As the reliever had started a different project with the class in my absence, I decided simply to take a small group who had finished the initial task and were interested to complete the create. In the end this paid off as it would have been very messy with the full class!

Class Site Content

Walt: synthesise information from a range of texts



Learn about the moon through the texts provided in the literacy and inquiry slides

Discuss key scientific concepts as a class to ensure there are no misconceptions


Create an image of the moon as it appears from earth


Share your creation on your blog accompanied by facts about the moon

Why is the Moon Upside Down

Moon Video

We watched this video before starting the create comparing the moons appearance from space and from earth

The Moon

Science Lesson

This was the team inquiry focus for the week

Rona and the Moon

We discussed this story as it was performed by Angela and Clarelle at a school assembly.

Learner Generated Content

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