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Direct Instruction

This lesson was one of the very first lessons to kick off our unit on fractions at the start of the term. I took things right back to covering level two achievement objectives in this session, simply to ensure the students had the prior knowledge to grasp the content at their level. We swiftly moved on and you can see in the video that I have altered my group teaching to meet the needs of my learners - increasing or decreasing the difficulty as required.

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This was a really fun way to kick off the term. The students had to rotate through a range of activities, from drawing fractions, creating representations with playdough, and finding fractions of a set of toy soldiers/animals. It meant that every child had multiple chances to grasp basic concepts, but I offered opportunities for extension for those who needed it.

Things to note

Their were quite a few microphone issues in this lesson - I ended up falling back on an old microphone but the sound from it was very varied.

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Walt: Find fractions of a whole and of a set



Share your prior knowledge during the class discussion

Take part in a series of activities with fractions


Visual representations of fractions


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Creating with Fractions

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