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Direct Instruction

In this lesson the students were learning how to make different shades and tones using paint. I taught them how to blend colours to make an ombre effect. After learning the technique, the students had the opportunity to explore and design their own silhouette art.

Extended plan here


I really enjoyed teaching this lesson, the students were eager to learn the technique and enthusiasm was high when they got to plan their own artwork. While the technique proved challenging to some at times, I was able to offer extra support to ensure that everyone met the learning intention.

Things to note

The room was abuzz during art as the students were highly engaged, which made it hard to capture one group at a time. I didn't want to get the students to paint or plan in silence, so I pulled a group out and turned the camera on to capture the discussion in a quiet place.

Class Site Content

Walt: Create different shades and tones using paint



Follow along with Mrs Stone to learn the technique of making different shades and blending the paint


A silhouette artwork using the colours and design of your choice


Share your creation on your blog and on our classroom wall

Silhouette Art

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