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This lesson shows a guided reading session linking to our topic of the week "The Olympics." This reading session shows how to use a digital journal article rather than a hard copy of the school journal. As a group we went through step by step how to download the journal article digitally and also how to use a chromebook during a reading session.

This group haven't previously used on online text during our reading this year so it shows exactly how you could do this with your own class if they are using chromebooks as a reading tool for the first time. This lesson shows step by step how to do this and then allows the learners to try this themselves. I find this is the most effective way when teaching something new on their chromebooks as there is less distraction and they know exactly what to do after being shown.

Extended plan here


I think that is lesson went really well, it was really good completing this lesson with one of my smaller groups first as it allowed me to see different ways I could explain things if I was to do this lesson again with another reading group. Having the iPad and tv behind me worked really well as the students could see exactly how to do this step by step. The only downside to using the iPad on the tv was downloading the article looked different to how it downloads on the learners chromebooks. The students seemed really engaged in the lesson and have enjoyed linking their overall weekly learning to our journal articles that we read. With this group I haven't filmed a lot of class on air episodes so some of the learners were a bit shy to share their ideas on the camera.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed early on in term 3 before we went into lockdown, we went into lockdown before I managed to get footage of the students discussing the reading activity which is why I have added a voiceover at the end explaining what the learners have completed for this activity.

I also lost the footage from the second camera I used for the recording which is why it is only from the one angle in the classroom. I would have loved to have used different angles but with this footage it shows my learners interacting with the text. I have added over screen recordings of my planning and the steps we have taken which you would have been able to see from the other camera footage.

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Week 3: Olympics 2020

WALT: locate and summarise ideas and understand the detail that supports the main idea in the text.

THIS WAS TOKYO 2020! The New Zealand Team Wrap Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Sky Sport NZ.mp4


  1. Watch the video.

  2. Complete the templates found in the resources list.

  3. See your teacher when called on.

  4. Post your finished work on you blog.

Read:Born to Run’ by Lucy Corry. School Journal, Level 3, August, 2020.

To Do: Summaries & Key Ideas x1

Extra: Any task x1

Read:Three Legends’ by Paula Boock. School Journal, Level 3, September, 2014.

To Do: Summaries & Key Ideas x1

Extra: Any task x1

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