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This lesson shows a Matariki lesson where as a class we read a shared text and from there created a piece of art. We have been focusing on reading in professional development this year. A key thing that we have learnt is the power of reading to our classes on a daily basis whether this be a novel or a picture book. This lesson shows the impact that reading a picture book still has on our older learners and how they can still get so much enjoyment and reading exposure from this.

As a class we read the story "The Stolen Stars of Matariki." After reading this the students were then given the opportunity to find the part they liked most from the story and recreate this by creating their own piece of art and retelling this section on the story in their own words.

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I think this lesson went really well. The students were really engaged in the picture book and loved listening to the story. They were really interested in this story when they found out it was written by Miriama Kamo a New Zealand journalist. We had looked at the traditional Matariki stories in the lead up to Matariki but this one was a new text and the students really loved listening to it being read and also reading it as a class throughout the week.

It was really beneficial reading this each morning in the classroom and having this as a shared reading text towards the end of the week as the students were getting a lot out of this. By letting the students pick the part they liked the most they were able to look into this in more detail and reread the section over and over again to have a solid knowledge of the story.

Things to note:

At the start of the lesson it was pouring down with rain and very cloudy in the classroom so I took down the paper I had used to block the sun out from the windows, However throughout the lesson the sun came back out and we didn't have enough time to put the black paper back up onto the window which is why the sun in shining in towards the end of the session. I also lost some of the footage from this episode and have been experimenting with camera shots and angles which is why there are not to many differences in shot for this episode.

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Week 10: Matariki

WALT: Make connections with what I already know and what I am reading.

The Stars of Matariki - Nga Whetu o Matariki- The Sandman Marcus Winter.mp4


  1. Watch the video.

  2. Complete the templates found in the resources list.

  3. See your teacher when called on.

  4. Post your finished work on you blog.

Must Do by Friday:

  • 4 facts

  • Research Task

  • Spelling Task

  • Review Quiz

  • 2 x Reading Tasks

Read: 'Celebrating Puanga at Ramanui' by Kiwa Hammond. School Journal Level 2, November 2017.

To Do: Language Task x1

Extra: Any task x1

Read: The Stolen Stars of Matariki.

To Do: Stolen Stars

Extra: Any task x1

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