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This lesson show five of my learners running a Manaiakalani Staff Meeting. The staff meeting was a create staff meeting where they had to show teachers from Manaiakalani schools how they use garageband in the classroom and to teach other teachers how to use this in their own classroom.

The two previous episodes that I had shared were the lessons that prepared my students to run this session. In this episode there is no direct teaching from me however my facilitation is in the background. These students were amazing and showed what they have learnt to other teachers and taught this lesson themselves incredibly well. It is so important to empower our learners and allow them the opportunities to shine and share their own learning. I hope this is visible in this episode and shows that there really are no limits for our learners.

Extended plan here


I am so incredibly proud of my students and what they have achieved in this lesson. Although there is no direct teaching from myself I hope it shows that by giving students the tools and opportunities along with scaffolding they are so capable of achieving anything. This group of students were really excited to take on this opportunity and were incredibly empowered to share their learning with other teachers.

From this episode I hope that it shows that students are capable of using what they know to teach others and what better way to do this than teaching other teachers. I was so incredibly proud of my students for being able to complete this task and to also reflect on their presentation.

Things to note:

Although there is no direct teaching from me seen in this episode there was a huge amount of scaffolding from myself and Hannah West which can be seen in the planning. I wanted to use this episode to not show my teaching but to demonstrate the power of what we as teachers have in being able to give our students the opportunity to show what they have learnt in a different way.

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Manaiakalani Create Staff Meeting

WALT: use garageband to create a rap and share these ides with other teachers.


This week we some students from room 10 are going to share their knowledge on how to use garageband with other teachers from Manaiakalani schools. This will be taking place at Stonefields school.

This is all of the resources needed in order to get ready for the presentation on Tuesday.

After your presentation you will need to:

  1. Sit down as a group and discuss all of the things that you did well and what you would like to work on next time.

  2. Complete a video reflection on how you think the presention went.

  3. Post this on your blog


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