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This lesson shows an online reading session with the whole class. This lesson shows an article that is written to purpose by my team during online learning that is directly related to the topic of the day and written in a way that is understandable and relateable for our learners.

This lesson shows my students completing a guided reading session using this article This lesson also shows how I work through a response to text task with my learners online and the discussions we have to come to the correct answer of each of these questions.

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This lesson went really well. It is a type of lesson that my learners have enjoyed all through lockdown. It is accessible to all of my students of all reading ages and they feel like they are able to accomplish some reading each day. By reading the article as a class we are able to unpack it together and those who have a great understanding of the text are able to break it down to others who may need a little bit of support. By completing the response to the text element of this during an online meeting all students are able to complete this task each day. If they come to the meeting with it half finished they are able to answer the questions as we go through it together. I really like this sense of everyone being able to achieve at least one task a day. It is a fun lesson to teach and the students are always really engaged.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed while Auckland was in Level 3 and we were learning from home. There are some lags in parts of the movie due to minor wifi drop offs.

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WALT: use our research skills to gain a better understanding about a topic.


  1. Read the article

  2. Complete the 'Response to Text'

  3. Complete the Research Presentation

  4. Share these tasks on your blog, along with a blurb telling your audience what you have done.


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