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This lesson shows an online lesson around how to write a quality blog comment. We were lucky enough to still have the Manaiakalani film festival this year as an online live stream. This meant that our learners could still watch themselves in the film festival movies online and watch other schools from the cluster as well.

This lesson shows how we selected the movies to comment on and how to make positive comments on the class blog to share how much we enjoyed the movies. The template used for this lesson is really helpful as it allows the students to reread what they have commented before they push the publish comment button on blogger.

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This was a really great lesson to be able to have during lockdown. The students loved being able to watch the Manaiakalani Film Festival movies online. They were able to see themselves and their friends in the online live stream on the day and can also come back and watch the movies again. We made this our focus for the week so that the students could get the most out of the film festival and have some sort of normality around this event and celebrate their achievements. The students were really engaged in this lesson as well. I find it really helpful to have the students write down their comments on a presentation or doc first as they are able to proofread what they have written without it being published before they reread it.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed during alert level 3 in Auckland so shows an attempt at getting a writing sample. I was also having some issues with the internet connection so some parts of the lesson may lag a little.

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Blog Commenting

WALT: leave positive comments on other class blogs for the Manaiakalani Film Festival.


  1. Watch the video about writing positive blog comments.

  2. Check out the resources to check that you comment is positive.

  3. Watch the Manaiakalani 2021 films.

  4. Find your favourites and create a blog comment.

  5. Make sure to check with your teacher before you post!

Blog Comments: Be Positive, Be Specific

choose an element of the film that you liked or were impressed by

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