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This lesson shows how I conducted a writing test online during level 3 in Auckland. This lesson shows how to run through finding the writing template from our class site to going through the instructions for the writing sample. The students then completed this test online together with teacher observation to the best of our ability online.

This writing sample was used to see where students were at with their writing. This was also to help guide some report comments for writing. This was one of the first types of tests that we had tried to run online as a team. The students were then able to post the sample on their blogs . This lesson was a joined lesson with the other class from my space in order for the test to run smoother and also the option for other students to hop over the the other class meet for extra support.

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I think that this lesson went really well. It was our first time running a test online as a class so it brought to light a lot of the differences and challenges this can create. I found it was really important to run through the explanation slowly and a few times so that all of the students had access to the test. It was really helpful running this session with another teacher as they were able to take small groups on the other google meet who needed extra help. The five minutes was a little bit longer than we normally would run in the classroom but the students had lots of important questions to ask. It was really great to see some solid writing from the class as well and see some of the things that we have been working on this year come out in the writing.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed during alert level 3 in Auckland so shows an attempt at getting a writing sample. I was also having some issues with the internet connection so some parts of the lesson may lag a little. This was our first test that we had run online so was new territory which is why some of the instructions are repetitive.

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Week 3: Recount

WALT: write a detailed recount


Today you are going to complete a writing sample for your teacher. This is going to be a recount where you can explain something that you have really enjoyed doing with your whānau during lockdown.

  1. Attend your google meet with your class
    11am - 678 11am - 910

  2. Make sure that you have your cameras on so we can see all of your lovely faces!

  3. Listen to the instructions given to you by your teacher

  4. Complete the writing sample - make sure you save this in your writing folder!

Room 678 Writing Template

Room 910 Writing Template

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