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This lesson shows a guided reading session during alert level 3 in Auckland. This lesson shows my version of continuing on with guided reading during lockdown. It shows all of the key learning that happens during guided reading using an online text.

This video shows my learners participating in a reading session with an outline of the reading task they will be completing at home. I have decided to pick texts during lockdown that will be accessible to all of my reading groups so that we are all able to complete the lesson together with who has turned up to our reading sessions.

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I think that this lesson went really well, I had a lot of students on this meet with many of them wanting to share their ideas with the class. This lesson allowed all of my learners access to the same text. I have found this really valuable during lockdown as it has been a bit of a struggle getting more than a few of my students from one reading group online for a reading session I have chosen to work through that day. I have found having this onramp set a bit higher has been helpful for my students who are not reading at that level as it is giving them exposure to level 3 texts as well.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed online during Level 3 in Auckland so is a google meet lesson. I had some of my students not be able to access their cameras due to internet connection issues or issues with their cameras which is why there are big blank parts on the side for keeping full names out of the recording. My internet in this lesson also dips in and out so sometimes the audio is is not in sync with the picture.

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Week 4: Film Study

WALT: use our research skills to gain a better understanding about a topic.


We are still at alert level 3 in the Auckland Region, so that means that we are continuing with our learning online!

This week the theme is based around films and the Manaiakalani Film Festival. It is the 14th annual Manaiakalani Film Festival on Wednesday, it is so exciting that this can still go ahead online!

Click on the link below to find this weeks learning. For reading this week we will be learning how to use our research skills to gain a better understanding about this new topic.

Read: 'Not So Normal' by Eirlys Hunter. School Journal Level 3, September 2014.

To Do: Response to text

Extra: Any task x1

Read:Miri and Raru’ by Dylan Horrocks. School Journal Level 3, October, 2015.

To Do: Response to Text

Extra: Any task x1

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