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This lesson shows how to set up holiday blogging. Manaiakalani run the Summer Learning journey that takes place during the December and January school holidays. Matt Goodwin created our very own team 4 holiday blogger while he was a team leader and teacher in team 4 at Pt England school. This year I have taken over the holiday blogger and this episode shows how to set this up. I have added some tips and tricks so that you are able to schedule posts and emails so that you are not having to update this each day.

We have found that some of our learners still really enjoy having some daily tasks to complete during the holidays which is why we set this up. It also gives the students the opportunity to continue on with their learning on a smaller scale to the Summer Learning journey.

Having this set up for the term 3 holidays is also a great way to get students excited and ready to take part in the Manaiakalani Summer Learning journey.

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I think that this lesson went really well, I had a lot more buy in from students getting the topics started at the end of term 3. Many of the students across the whole team were really excited to share topic ideas and start the holiday blogging. It was great to have feedback and ideas from the students across the whole team rather than just from my own class. Some of the students had completed this blogging challenge in the term 2 holidays and we had prizes for those who shared topics and ideas as well as the top blogger for each class. From doing this I found that there were a lot more students who wanted to take part in the term 3 holiday blogging.

Things to note:

This lesson shows a screen cast on how to set up the holiday blogging, it is not a lesson with the students. However I think it is a great tool that can be used during the school holidays to keep students engaged in their learning.

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Holiday Blogging Challenge

Team 4 Holiday Blogging .mov

Team 4 teachers challenge you!

  1. Watch the video.

  2. Think of a fun and exciting topic you would like to challenge team 4 to complete in the holidays.

  3. Complete the topic to learn about google drawing.

  4. Fill out the google form with your details and the google drawing.

  5. Check out the holiday blogging challenge from Monday to see if your challenge has been added.

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