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This lesson shows how my team and I have set up remote learning for our students while Auckland is in Alert Levels 3 and 4. This lesson will show a detailed view of our class site as well as how to set up google meets with my class and how to ensure that we are constantly discussing how to be cyber smart online even when we are at home.

This video shows how I begin each of my online teaching sessions, the instructions and tasks that I give my learners and how we always have the opportunity for questions regarding learning as well as student wellbeing. Our team four class site is a collaboration with all of the teachers in our team being assigned to a set section each week for daily learning.

Extended plan here


I think that this lesson went really well, the students were really engaged with the content and asked lots of really great questions this morning. Today I added in having the students read some of the article which was a really positive activity. It gave the students the opportunity to read and share their ideas with their peers. It also gave me an opportunity to see who wanted to share their reading with others as well as knowing that my students in that particular meet had read the article for the day. By setting a time frame for the response to text questions and having the students know that we will be going through this every day is really great as the students know the expectations and they always show up ready to answer the questions. I also like doing it this way because if there are some students who are struggling with this task they can follow along and answer the questions as we go though it as a class. Changing the topic daily for the students has also worked really well for us as a team as it keeps the students guessing and gives them buy in to come to our meets or check out the class site every day to see what we are learning about.

Things to note:

This lesson was filmed during Alert Level 3 and was the same format we have used for remote learning during term 4. This lesson was all via google meets with my class as well as some screen recordings of important parts of our daily set up and learning.

Class Site Content

Note: This is just the first couple of aspects of the team site - click here to find see the full day of learning


Introducing - Avengers

WALT: become familiar with a new topic.


Every Avenger Ever.mp4


  1. Watch the video.

  2. Write four facts about the movie Avengers.

  3. Use the checklist to make sure you are on track and up to date .


4 Facts


* So you can check you're not missing anything



WALT: use our research skills to gain a better understanding about a topic.


  1. Read the article

  2. Complete the 'Response to Text'

  3. Complete the Research Presentation

  4. Share these tasks on your blog, along with a blurb telling your audience what you have done.


Learner Generated Content


Blog Post


Blog Post

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