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This episode was filmed the first day that Auckland moved into Covid Lockdown Level 3, which meant that our restaurants and cafes opened for contactless pick up. Keeping this in mind, I decided to have some fun with my maths group while teaching them how to come up with the correct amount of money using New Zealand currency.

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Reflection: We had a lot of fun working through this lesson. As soon as the boys saw the KFC pictures, I had their attention for the rest of the lesson. On my screen, I was able to see their engagement through their facial expressions and banter with the family members who were in the room with them. Using the Jamboard allowed me to see exactly which students still needed a little more help at the end of the lesson.

Please Note: This is a distance learning episode, filmed when Auckland was under Covid-19 Level 3 conditions. Therefore, it is a filmed with a mixture of Year 3/4 students from across our Year 3/4 team of five classrooms.

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Let's talk about money! If you went to KFC, would you know how much money to pay for your order? We will be exploring together different ways to make purchases using the exact amount of money.


During our Meet, we will work on a Jamboard to create change using coins to pay for various objects. Then, you will have an opportunity to do this on your own with your learning task.


Post your learning task onto your blog.

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