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This episode demonstrates the way that our Year 3/4 team created elective breakout sessions for our students to attend every Thursday during Lockdown. Students were able to choose whether or not they wanted to attend the same breakout topic each week or to try them all out. We were very blessed to be able to use our "Special" classroom teachers for these breakouts. Check out the video to see what we offered.

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Reflection: In my own personal experience teaching during the last three lockdowns, I knew that I often started to feel swamped with the number of Google Meets that I was attending and facilitating. As team leader for our Year 3/4 team of five classrooms, I wanted this lockdown to be collaborative and stress free for my teaching team. Classroom teachers were only asked to facilitate two of our three breakout sessions. Bringing in our amazing "Special" teachers was great because it meant that our classroom teachers could use that time on Thursday afternoons to collaboratively plan tasks for the following week. It was always our goal that we were mostly planned for Monday and Tuesday by Friday afternoon so we didn't feel that we needed to be on our laptops during the weekend.

Please Note: This is a distance learning episode, filmed when Auckland was under Covid-19 Level 4 conditions. Therefore, it is a filmed with a mixture of Year 3/4 students from across our Year 3/4 team of five classrooms.

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Today, you will have an opportunity to attend a Breakout Meet with one of our Special Guest Teachers! Choose carefully and have some fun with what they have planned for you.


While in your Breakout Meet, you will be creating something different each week.


Post your learning task onto your blog. We'd love to see it!

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