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Direct Instruction:

This lesson took place at the beginning of our second full week of Covid 19 Level 4 Lockdown. For many students, they were engaging in our Reading "Breakout" Meet for the first time.

In this lesson, students are learning how to use a Jamboard during a Google Meet session to share the main ideas of the stories they read the previous week.

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Reflection: This was only the second time that I had met with this combination of students at this reading level; the majority of which are not directly in my class when we are at school. While the literacy earning intention was to make connections between the myths, the Google Meet intention was to make everyone in the group feel welcome and able to participate. There is a very confident and vocal core of students in this mix, but I wanted to be sure that all students were engaging on a level playing field. I also felt it was important to pull from their texts from the week before to show students that they would be asked about their work even after it was completed and turned in.

Please Note: This is a distance learning episode, filmed when Auckland was under Covid-19 Level 4 conditions. Therefore, it is a filmed with a mixture of Year 3/4 students from across our Year 3/4 team of five classrooms with the students are reading at or above their year level.

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WALT: use a Jamboard to collaboratively discuss the main ideas of Māori myths.


We are going to learn how to collaboratively use the Jamboard in our Google Meet to discuss the main ideas from the myths we have read. You will then read "Te Waka o Aoraki."


After reading "Te Waka o Aoraki" complete the home learning task.


Post your learning task onto your blog.

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