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Direct Instruction:

In this lesson, we are going deeper in our understanding of Matariki using an oral language technique that has been shared with me in various Professional Development opportunities by Dr. Jannie van Hees. Students will share prior knowledge of Matariki before watching a movie on the subject. After the movie, students will share with our buddy and then back to the whole class. Lastly, students will read the transcript of the movie to fill in any information we may have missed in the first two rounds.

This lesson was filmed prior to the Covid 19 Level 4 Lockdown.

Extended Plan Here

Reflection: This is a great way to introduce a topic to a whole class. It puts everyone at an equal level when reporting back because they can simply share what they learnt from their partner if they want to. Students are able to gain a deeper level of understanding about the topic and a wider understanding of higher level vocabulary in the process. I find that creating a whole class word web on the whiteboard as we report back the information to the whole class is a great way to demonstrate note taking as well as providing a visual for the students. I generally take a picture of the word web (or recreate it on larger paper) to display in the classroom for students to refer back to later in the year.

Class Site Content

WALT: about the stars of Matariki.


We are going to learn about the stars of Matariki using the Stardome Matariki video to help.


What did you learn about the stars of Matariki. Create a Google Drawing Poster to show what you have learnt.


Post your Google Drawing poster onto your blog.

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