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Direct Instruction

This session shows students learning about the art of photography and the 'rule of thirds'. Students learn to recognise when and how the rule of thirds is used in photographs and also how to take photos using iPads (grid on).

This session shows students engaging in their playground environment to take a range of photos of one subject and then sharing with each other discussion why they think their photographs are effective.

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This was a really fun teaching and learning activity based around photography and the ‘rule of thirds’.

Students engaged with the instructional sequence and were able to link this with their prior knowledge of movie making. This linking is related to both the movie shots and also how images that are taken are used to portray a message.

Students recognised when the rule of thirds were used and why this enhances photography. Students also liked seeing how 1 subject could be viewed in so many different ways - They even discussed how some of the photos in the demonstration would be good to write about.

When students were taking pictures of their own subjects they used this and effectively took pictures of the one subject. Teacher roamed and tried to interact with each group within their photography location but most students were so excited about what they were discovering and taking pictures of that they would come and share their learning as I was roaming.

Students took some amazing pictures and were really proud of their work. Students talked about the rule of thirds and could explain why they liked the photos they decided to share via their pic collage and on their blog.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

Students will take multiple pictures of one subject that they are interested in using the rule of thirds.


Students choose a subject they are interested in and take a range of photos showing that one object in multiple ways.

Students need to think about the rule of thirds as they take these photographs as this will enhance their finished photo.

Learner Generated Content

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