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Direct Instruction

The video shows students engaging in an instructional reading session. The students are directed to focus on reading fluently and with expression and introduced to Garage band as a way to support students to read fluently.

Students practice this as a group with teacher support and then move off to support each other in this process.

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Students enjoyed reading the story 'The Wild Wet Wellington Wind' and focusing on reading fluently and with expression. The introduction of Garage band went well and students were able to support each other in using this app when they were practicing and recording themselves. Students read the text multiple times with multiple beats and reinforced their learning about what reading should sound like.

Students could find the rhythm of the beat and also the rhythm the the language in the story and enjoyed practicing this with each other. They were all highly motivated to complete this and worked hard without teacher support (as I had meetings and was released from class). They supported each other and also taught others in the class who were interested in what they were doing.

It was fantastic to see students who would normally see themselves as not being as good as other readers, being the ones leading the learning and stepping into the role of an expert. It was a fantastic experience to grow their confidence. All students felt confident in completing this task and were proud of their end result. They all want to be able to do this again.

In terms of Music and keeping the beat, students were successful in feeling the beat but when putting it with the reading, it wasn't always in time. - This will come with repetition but students were extremely proud of their work. THEY felt successful!

Things to note

This is a group of learners who do not normally enjoy reading time and who need support to read fluently without teacher support.

This was these students first time working in Garage band independently and had only been exposed to garage band in previous years as a class activity.

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Learning Intention

Students will use Garage Band to practice reading with expression.

Students will record themselves reading with expression


Students explore the book "Wild Wet Wellington Wind" and practice re-reading pages fluently and with expression (finding the rhythm).

They then learn how to use Garage band to practice and record themselves reading fluently and with expression.

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