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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to edit video footage and create a movie to tell the story of each group making their hut.

The video shows an introduction to editing in iMovie followed by groups of children working together to edit and piece together their clips to create their movie.

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Students were eager to relook at their videos, some initially thought their movies were finished already but when asked how long they were and if they would want to watch someone else building a hut for that length they decided that maybe they did need to edit them.

Students were responsive to learning strategies for editing in iMovie (some needed to be reassured that when they trimmed/cut/deleted could be ‘undo’ and put back in. This teaching session went well and even though we had decided to work under the eves of the classroom (due to needing a quiet space) this actually worked really well for us. Often when we get students to record in this space the sound is very distorted - The external Microphone was fantastic for capturing the sound!

When students moved off to work in their little groups they spaced themselves out in quite a wide area but students were all visible to the teacher. At one point another class came out to use the field and some stragglers interacted with groups as they went past. Our students quickly told them to move on as they were working and I just came to support.

Teacher floated between groups and asked lots of questions, discussed the length of clips and supported the editing process. Often the role was more about reassuring that actually deleting unnecessary content is OK.

Students worked well with each other and even after school wanted to continue working on this task in order to finish it. They focused on telling the story and had a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

Things to note

Students worked in the same groups they built their huts in and a number of groups worked on the movies at the same time. They spread themselves out to make it easier for them to hear and do voice overs. A couple of groups found they didn't have a clip that they needed during this editing process so they just re-recorded these bits (this was minimal as they had lots of footage from the building session).

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Learning Intention

Students will edit video footage in iMovie to create a movie that shares their story of making a hut.


Students will edit footage already captured, by trimming, cutting, moving into smaller clips that are more manageable to edit in iMovie.

Students will then put the movie together in a way that clearly sequences their story.

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