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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for students to learn about movie making and the different shots they can use to make their movie more effective. It is also intended that students will make the connection between telling a story and making a movie

The video shows students engaging in a instructional session learning about different movie shots and telling a story using different movie shots. It shows students linking their learning to the real life context of making a hut on an 'outdoor classroom' day.

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Instructional session was split into two session due to the nature of the day and the outdoor context. The Students were highly engaged both in the context (making huts) and also in the learning focus (telling stories through movie making). The students really embraced the checklist and this really focused them into the learning. It also meant that students were able to support each other and keep themselves focused throughout the task on their learning. At times we had to remind them that they also needed to build the hut as they were so focused on capturing the video shots.

Some groups were fantastic at taking smaller videos to capture their story, both others ended up with longer videos. This created further learning when students went to edit their movies and create their finished products.

Things to note

This is the first of two videos based around the context of making Movies (based on the outdoor classroom hut building). The second video will focus on the editing of these movies rather than the movie shots.

This was the first 'outdoor' classroom day we had planned and children were extremely excited about this. Students had had time to do a little bit of research/designing or hut building, so they could have some ideas they wanted to pursue when creating their hut.

The teaching sequence was outdoors and as it was a day we had invited parents to we had a number of things happening around us. Students did an amazing job of remaining focused and integrating preschoolers into our learning circle.

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Learning Intention

Students will learn about different movie shots and how these can be used to tell a story effectively.


Students will make a hut using natural resources in an outside environment.

Students will use a checklist to take different video shots that will help them to tell their story of making a hut.

Students will also create a DLO to share their learning about video shots.

Link to movie making checklist.

Link to basic movie shots and tips.

Link to DLO template to share learning

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