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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was to create a rewindable learning object to show the different question starters.

The video shows students engaging in a instructional session learning about question starters and then students working independently on their DLO, supporting each other and captures some learning conversations related to this learning task.

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Session went well and students were really engaged in the topic. Some students who had worked with me focusing on questioning as part of their reading time were able to share some prior knowledge and this supported the flow of the lesson. The use of the video and pausing the video after each question starter was shared enabled children to further engage in this teaching session as they had the opportunity to interact with each other to share questions they were thinking about. These were all focused around the context of the Americas Cup and things they had seen on our T-shaped literacy site or as part of current events news they had seen at home.

Students then working independently worked well, however would still have learning conversations with each other to support both the construction of their DLO or to clarify questions as they went.

Things to note

Being able to roam as students were having these conversations and as they were working on their task also enabled me to have some in depth learning conversations not just on the context of questioning and the America's Cup, but also on things such as being creators of our own content rather than being people that just use other peoples.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

Students will share different ways to start a question.


Students will create a DLO using google draw or google slide to share different ways to start a question.

They will use the context of the Americas cup to share examples of each of their different question starters.

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