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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was replicate an America's Cup ace within our classroom using Sphero's. Students will use this current events context to increase their understanding of both mathematical thinking and digital learning.

The video shows how students from rural schools engaging in contexts related to our countries current events and how learning can be enhanced because of this. It also shows how students can drive learning and support each other within the different roles they can take on with a learning experience.

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This was such a fun lesson to capture. I was really pleased I recorded as it was a last minute decision to record it.

The content was super exciting for the students and as it related to current events in NZ. They were quick to engage and like using the Sphero's to create a real context to further their learning of time (measurement) and multiplicative thinking. Students took this on as a learning experience themselves, they quickly redefined their roles within the learning and took over total ownership and supported each other. Students showed a high level interest which led to understanding. They are still at the beginnings of their coding journeys but are super eager to learn and try different robots and styles of coding..

Things to note

The lesson flowed well but was challenging based on the groups constantly changing due to it being a Friday and having ‘Garden to Table’ happening at the same time.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

  • Drive a Sphero and program it to move in the right direction.

  • Develop and apply our maths thinking to talk about repeated addition, groups of, lots of and multiplication.

  • Measure time using a stopwatch and talk about longer, shorter, faster, slower and how you know.

  • Add and multiply time and talk about how many seconds and minutes.


Students time each other while using iPads to control and navigate a Sphero around a race course. Students calculate penalties they accumulate and then add this to their time.

Learner Generated Content

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