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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for this lesson was for students to learn and share their understanding of the Kawa of Care and how it relates to them.

The video shows students working together to get a greater understanding of what the 'Kawa of Care' is, why it is important and what it looks like.

It also shows how we as teachers can link our learning to similar tasks that are used across the school.

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This was a great topic for making an episode about. It is something I am very passionate about as the schools Digital Technologies person and having to deal with many of the issues related to devices when they have not been looked after well.

I am still trying to get my head around recording my practice to share this with others (specially camera angles) and feel like this episode is rather awkward due to camera angles and trying to capture learning, however I loved how engaged and focused the students were with their discussions and learning. Students were able to share confidently what they were thinking with each other and to build on each others ideas as well.

I struggled to narrow down what I actually wanted to show as there was so many great elements to this topic. In hindsight I could have had an extra episode focused just on students working together on their task, as the learning that happened beyond this episode was phenomenal.

Things to note


  • Narrow Focus -

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Learning Intention

  • Students will share ideas (in small groups and whole class discussion) about Kawa of Care and why Kawa of Care is important.

  • Students choose a tool to create their DLO thinking about what they are wanting to share with their readers.

  • Students will create a DLO to share their understanding of each of the Kawa of Care elements.


Start the session by discussing what they already know. Introduce the Kawa of Care document that they will sign and discuss why we have it.

Work through each of the elements discussing each one, then in small groups work out what it looks like, so we can build our understanding. Come back and share ideas as a class.

Look at examples of work Team Moana have shared to show their understanding of the Kawa of Care and discuss.

Ohaeawai School Kawa of Care - Kids presentation 2021

Kawa of Care Presentation - for Kids

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