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Direct Instruction

This session shows students engaging in learning based on a modified camp experience. It has a strong science focus based around the topics of NZ caving and glow worms.

This session shows students responding to a digital choice board that encourages them to revisit and build on ideas that were shared as part of our modified camp experience.

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This was a highly engaging topic for both myself as a teacher and for our students. Caving and glow worms is a topic that I am passionate about based on previous experiences I have had with the context of caving and glow worms.

The format of the tasks was clear, simple and informative and provided links to further learning in both reading and video media. The tasks also provided ideas to stimulate more able learners in being creative and also provided simple ideas that would be achievable by both less able and Special needs students (with support).

The task itself encouraged students' choice and student voice while still remaining tight in what students were expected to share as well as the time frames that needed to be achieved within. This kept students focused on the end result.

Students were fantastic at supporting each other in their learning and in the creation of their DLO’s to share on their blogs. The level of creativity was also amazing from a group of year 3 and 4 students. Loved the outcomes that were created as a result of this session.

Class Site Content

Learning Intention

  • Learn about how stalagmite and stalactites are formed and change over time.

  • Learn how caves create a special ecosystem for native NZ creatures.

  • Learn about the NZ glow worms life cycle

  • Learn about predators and prey for NZ glow worms.

  • Learn how and why the cave environment (habitat) supports NZ glow worms.

  • Create a DLO to share facts and things you have learned with others about the topics- specifically with Team Maunga who will be going on a similar adventure


Students choose to create a DLO based on either caving or glow worms. Students use the resources provided to refresh and build on their learning. They are also encouraged to discuss what they are thinking and learning about with each other (especially if working with a buddy).

Students either work independently or with a buddy to learn, create, share (on their blogs) what they learn so that Team Maunga can use it to assist their learning.

Learner Generated Content

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