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This session shows students learning about a kids speak writing rubric that supports them as they look for next steps in their own writing. It follows the same structure as the e-asTTle marking rubric that teachers use.

This session asks students to focus on 3 aspects of this kid speak writing rubric and to then reflect on the example piece of writing as a whole. Following this they are asked to reflect on their own writing come up with their own next steps.

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Very pleased we decided to pop the camera on to record this session. This was definitely not a planned Class on air session.

This lesson went amazingly. We were so proud of the work the students put into their work and the conversations they were having with each other. It was fantastic to see lots of students being able to justify their thinking and give examples. It was definitely worth doing and as a teaching team we look forward to doing similar tasks in the future.

When we initially discussed this learning we thought we would need to split this task into 2 parts. The first being the rubric work and the second being the reflecting on their own piece of writing, however when I created the task for students to complete it made sense to include that aspect as well. When we taught the session it was a natural progression for our students.

Students enjoyed this session and all discussed how it was helpful and they knew what they needed to do to improve their writing.

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Learning Intention

Students will use a kidspeak writing rubric to think about someone's piece of writing and what makes it effective.

Students will use a kidspeak writing rubric to think about what you need to do to improve our own writing.


Students use a kidspeak writing rubric to critique and justify their thinking about a writing sample example that has been written by one of their peers.

Students use this critiquing process to develop their own understanding and awareness of what they need to do do improve their own writing.

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