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Direct Instruction

This session shows students learning about using screencastify to share their learning in Maths. Students are introduced to the DLO's about length and height using non-standard units and then learn about how to use screencastify to enhance the sharing of their learning and thinking.

This session shows students engaging with the task as well as supporting others to complete the DLO's. This includes supporting other adults in the room.

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This was a powerful learning experience for our students. They were really confident about completing the Measurement DLO’s but still needed support to use screencastify.

For many of our students this was their first attempt and many of them thought it would be easy and initially did not pre-think what they would say. They then realised why it was important to have done this pre-thinking as many realised they needed to re-record multiple times to make sure they shared their thinking accurately.

From a mathematical learning point of view this was a good way of stepping up students learning as it required students to discuss their thinking and explain rather than just supplying the answer. This also meant that all students had to be able to voice what they were doing rather than relying on others to do the thinking for them.

From the point of view of enhancing blog’s and DLO’s this was also fabulous as students now have an additional way to share what they are doing. The majority of students were able to quickly gain the skills to be able to do this again in the future. There are a small number who will also need to have further support in this.

A highlight of this was seeing students leading the learning and also supporting each other in the process. We had a number of TA’s within our class during this session and they too sought the help of students to support them with using screencastify with the students they were working with.

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Learning Intention

Students will use Screencastify to enhance a measurement DLO.

Students will explore different ways to record themselves and their work.


Students complete the DLO tasks. Students then think about key words that are associated with maths, measuring, and using non-standard units.

Students then use screencastify to record themselves talking about their Maths DLO and their measurement learning.

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