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This Lockdown Session starts with a teacher within a hut talking about our outdoor classroom overview for the day. This session outlines how the activities relate both to Te Whare Tapa Wha and other curriculum areas, and encourages/supports students to think and talk about ways in which activities they compete relate to their learning as a whole.

This session is especially important in that it highlights how learning across the curriculum can occur in a variety of context and highlights the importance of getting outdoors while we learn as it is such a rich and inspiring learning environment/context

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Students were so motivated by these learning activities being able to have an outdoor classroom day again. They were excited on Monday when they saw that we had included this in the weekly program and their excitement grew as we got closer and closer.

As per normal many students had begun their daily learning before our scheduled google meet which was great as we were able to discuss and share examples of what students had been doing and this helped others to get ideas.

HOWEVER - The day was very very wet and wild and most of the activities needed to be moved indoors. This did not deter students in the slightest.

A number of students came up with their own activities including making tools and weapons for the wild things, this was encouraged but students were also encouraged to think and talk about how these related to Te Whare Tapa Wha and to talk about what they felt they were learning as they created these artefacts.

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Learning Intention

Students will learn and participate in a rich outdoor classroom context by completing a range of tasks related to the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.

Students will learn to relate their learning activities to both Te Whare Tapa Wha and other curriculum areas by talking about what it is they feel they are learning.


Students choose from a range of activities that relate to the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' . As they complete these activities they think about how it related to them and their learning, and share this with others.

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Note this student did not attend online meets due to Wifi issues

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