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Direct Instruction - LOCKDOWN LEARNING

This session shows students during a level 4 lockdown learning about what to look for when candling eggs using both by google meet and by using google slides and videos that detail what to look for.

This session also shows the tools and explained the process and method of candling eggs before moving into a dark room where students can observe this for themselves.

This session then continues to share the process of candling of eggs and allows for students' questions and some discussion (within a digital meet environment).

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This was such a fun lesson to take. Although doing this in person is always better as it is easier to see the veins and embryo eyes the google meet allowed for students to be a part of this.

Sharing the slide show before candling the eggs allowed students to ‘know’ what to look for when we went to candle eggs and was also something they could refer back to after the teaching session.

Students were really captivated with looking for clues to see if an embryo was developing or not. Most students stayed to see all the eggs being candled.

Due to the amount of eggs this process took a reasonable amount of time. Having questions between each batch helped students to stay focused and to share their thinking as they went. Stopping and sharing the main task for writing halfway through the lesson worked well as it gave students choice as to if they would continue to watch or if they would continue with their work.

Within the google meet it was really hard to share/see all the veins and embryo eyes - Easier with the naked eye, but the bonus was that all students were able to see what was happening at the same time.

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Learning Intention

Students will candle eggs and look for clues to see if an embryo is developing inside an egg.

Students will write to record the process of candling eggs.


Students to explore how and what to look for when candling eggs with teacher. Students then look for these features as a teacher candles eggs as part of lockdown classroom learning.

Students record findings as they go and then write to explain how eggs are candled.

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