Part 1: Digital Art

COA 7 part 2.mp4

Direct Instruction: In the first part of this lesson we are learning to publish our poems with digital artwork. We start with the digital art as it provide use with a sense of how special we are and what we have to gift others. There were a lot of digital skills involved in this lesson.

Part 2: Poem Writing

COA 7 Writing Poems.mp4

Direct Instruction: In the second part of this lesson we are learning to write a poem and we are learning to include descriptive words. In this session learner help to construct a model poem about Mrs Carruthers. This supports them when writing their own poems.


I love this lesson because it felt like a really integrated why of engaging learner in Cybersmart digital skill, literacy, art and inquiry. Children we thinking, creating, sharing and helping each other with such enthusiasm.

Things to note:

Given the nature of this lesson I have broken it into two parts. This is similar to how the lesson took place in the classroom.

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