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In this episode we are learning about if-then statements and how we can use the senses on the Codey Rocky Robot to sense colours and objects. Children have in this group applied to be a part of this coding club and this is our 3rd lesson. The lesson is divided into three main parts. Part One is an introduction connecting with the big idea and the blocks they will need. Part two is an an unplugged activity which allows the children to apply this idea in a physical context. Part three is an explore and create. During this time children work to explore and create using the big idea from the lesson.

Lesson Plan


This lesson provided a significant level of challenge for all learners. While they were given some ideas of how they could use the if/then control to program Codey Rocky every group came up with something different which allowed them to see the wide scope of possibility. Many came up with serval different possibilities but ended up having to narrow their focus due to time and their still developing skill level. I felt that the connection to the self driving car was important to the lesson as I made many of the children realise that this type of coding has a real world application beyond just what we do at school.

Things to note:

Children from in this lesson are from across our 5 year 3/4 classes. They used a mix of Chromebooks and iPads when coding. Children had very different levels of experience and confidence with coding.

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