Distance Learning: Shapes and repeated addition

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Direct Instruction:

This lesson took place over Google Meet at Alert Level 4 in Auckland, please note that this lesson is just extract of our Google Meet. The lesson was taught to a group of year 3 and 4 learner who have working at curriculum level 2 for Maths. The learning intentions for this lesson were:

  • We are learning to recognise 2D and 3D shapes.

  • We are learning to solve problems using repeated addition and times tables.

This lesson was Co-Planned with Sharisse Scanlan who created the activity for the learners.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: The lesson on the whole went very well. The fact that learners wanted to lesson to keep going and to play a game even after 30 minutes of learning showed that the children were actively engaged and wanted to know more and test their knowledge. I think having many different elements to the lesson and actively using the chat helped to keep children engaged.

Things to note- Due to permissions you may hear the voice of a child but not see them this was done intentionally.

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Maths Distance Learning: W6T3

This lesson was the purple group for Maths. The other colours were planed by other team 3 teachers for learners at different levels.

Jambaord Template - This is what I created before the lesson ready to use.

Jamboard _this is the completed Board after the lesson.

Activity -This is the follow up activity created by Sharisse Scanlan.

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