Distance Learning: Making a sign

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Direct Instruction:

This lesson took place over Google Meet at Alert Level 4 in Auckland, please note that this lesson is just extract of our Google Meet. The lesson was taught to a group of year 3 and 4 learner who have a reading age between 7 and 8.5 years. The learning intentions for this lesson were:

  • We are learning about visual language.

  • We are learning to make visually appealing signs and posters.

Lesson Plan

Reflection: The lesson on the whole went really well. The children enjoyed the variety in the lesson and we used the chat function a lot to collect ideas and share. This meant the well most learner were actively involved you won't hear a lot of learner voice in the video. I was surprised by the lack of prior knowledge about visual language and had to adapt to playing a game to get the idea across. Teaching on Google Meet is very different to face to face teaching but given the resources we had I think the learners and I did very well developing knowledge of a new range of ideas.

Things to note- Due to permissions you may hear the voice of a child but not see them this was done intentionally. I had planned to use the Jamboard more collaboratively but due to children using two different devices and being unfamiliar with Jambaord we ended up using it more as a digital whiteboard.

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Reading 2021 Distance Learning: W6T3

This lesson was the green group for reading. The other colours were planed by other team 3 teachers for learners at different levels.

Jamboard template -This is the Jamboard template I created for the lesson.

Jamboard- This is what we did with the Jamboard during the lesson.

Activity - This is the follow up activity the learners engaged in.

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