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Direct instruction

This video includes two parts to a lesson. At camp we discussed effective teamwork and acted this out in an activity. Back at school we discussed what we learned from our experiences and wrote about this learning on our blogs.

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Things to note

The start of this lesson took place at camp, while it was completed at school. It was really important to have these discussions in both locations, firstly to show the learning within each activity and then to reinforce this learning back in the classroom. Each activity had a different discussion; we talked about fear, teamwork, trust, responsibility and leadership.


I love going to camp as I feel we see real growth from our learners in a short time. It was great to be able to review our camp learning back at school (we made a series of videos to support this) as otherwise this learning can be forgotten in the new context.

Class Site Content

Walt: communicate and collaborate effectively



Discuss values of teamwork and leadership with your camp group and class


A recount of your highlights from camp


Share your creation on your blog. Discuss your learning with others on the class blog.

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