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Direct instruction

My students read a series of texts through a multi-modal site. Two of the texts were compulsory to read, then the students could choose their own text and activities from the rest of the site.

In this session, we read an extract of Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman. We discussed the text as a class, but these students missed out due to sports, so I took the opportunity to teach them as a group.

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Things to note

This lesson was filmed as we entered into alert level 1. At this point some of my students had only just returned to school, so some were still a little anxious. As such, we still had some social distancing and were still not sitting in groups or on the mat.


I was really missing group teaching at this point. While the multi-modal site catered for the different needs in my class, I was still finding it a challenge to support each child. I found in this session the students were more softly spoken than they usually would be, as this was the first time we had moved to the mat and held a group lesson like this.

Class Site Content




Read the extract from Noughts & Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Consider how this text relates to the other texts we have read about protesting.


A story written in the same style or discuss your personal response to the text


Share your creation on your blog.

Intro Task

Stand up.

Noughts & Crosses Follow up

Naughts & Crosses

TPPA Protest

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Blog Post


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