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This lesson was filmed as we entered into alert level 2. This meant that my students each had their own desk, resources and were socially distanced in the classroom.

Direct instruction

My students have recently been learning about the properties of 2D shapes and in this lesson I introduced 3D shapes to them. After discussing the main properties of 3D shapes, my students made models and described them in terms of their faces, edges and vertices.

Extended plan here


It was quite different facilitating this lesson to a whole socially distanced class, as I'd usually use more group work and discussion during activities like this. This mean that I changed my plan as I went to adapt to suit the students needs.

Things to note

At this point we hadn't been back in class for long so we were still adjusting to the new environment.

Class Site Content

Walt: identify 3D shapes by their properties



Discuss what makes something 3D and the properties of 3D shapes.


Your own 3D shapes


Share your creations on your blog.

What are 3D Shapes?

Properties of 3D Shapes

Shapes intro

Shape up.mp4

Learner Generated Content


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Blog Post


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