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This lesson was filmed while we were still learning distance learning - this was the last week of the lockdown before we returned to school.

Direct instruction

I used a pre-recorded video to introduce the unit to the students and some information on their google slides/ class site to direct them. Once they had gone through the slides on their own we discussed their learning and looked at some shapes that we had found over a hangout. After completing the activity, the students shared their slides on their blogs, which I commented on to check their progress.

Extended plan here


It was quite a challenge to teach geometry via distance, as I usually teach it with collaborative activities. The students did well to make sense of the activities independently. I was very fortunate as the majority of my learners turned up to online meets consistently, so we were able to keep building upon the previous days session.

Things to note

As they were working from home, I haven't included much footage of the students to respect their privacy.

Class Site Content

Walt: identify 3D shapes by their properties



Discuss what makes something 3D and the properties of 3D shapes.


Your own 3D shapes


Share your creations on your blog.

They're Everywhere

Shapes intro

Shape up.mp4

2D Shapes

Following Day's Activity

Grouping Shapes

Learner Generated Content


Blog Post


Blog Post

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