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Direct Instruction

This lesson was filmed during the lockdown, so it is sequenced quite differently to a lesson taught in person. The students complete a short activity every day, that leads into the following days 'lesson' (Google Meet session) and activity.

In this lesson, my students first watched a video and completed an activity that explained what a clause is. This was recapped in the Google Meet session to ensure all the students grasped the concept.

The students then worked on a shared Google Doc to unpack a short text and identify dependent and independent clauses in the sentences.

The inspiration from this lesson came from PD I received from Dr Jannie Van Hees.

Extended plan here


It is great to see that my students are starting to develop good habits for learning from home. I can definitely feel my online practice improving over time - it has been a real adjustment with some trial and error!

Things to note

As we are filming from home, I didn't feel comfortable sharing my students screens in the hangout, so I have used the blue box to hide them but kept their responses in the audio. I also had to cut a lot of the work on Google Docs as the students full names were displayed.

Class Site Content

Walt: analyse the structure of a sentence



Watch the video of Mrs Stone for an introduction of the task

Read the explanation and complete the activity

Work with your class on Google Meet to look at sentence structure


Create your own sentence using an image as a prompt


Share your creation on your blog

Its all about the clause!

Clause intro

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Caption this!

Caption this...

Following Day's Activity

Art of the Sentence

Learner Generated Content

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