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Direct Instruction

The learning intention for the week was to identify and explain the effects of language features in a text. However, my intention was to compare this lesson to lesson one, to determine whether my students are more confident to discuss texts after six weeks of reciprocal reading. As such, I did not intervene too much, to encourage more discussion from my learners.

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I can definitely see that the students are more willing to share their ideas now when compared to our first session - there was far less wait time and the students have learnt to pick each other if they feel that people aren't sharing. This is a really interesting group as they are quite capable readers, but they are quite shy and often doubt their insights. I was particularly proud of Laolao for sharing her understanding of stanza three - that the carriage visits the school as the character is revisiting their childhood. I am hoping this confidence will continue to grow over time.

Things to note

This lesson took place on what would become the final day of term, so I had very few students (about ten in total) in the class and we've attempted social distancing while still trying to be in shot of the camera!

I filmed this as a comparison to where the group were in week one, however, it is perhaps not the best illustration of student progress given the circumstances we were in. We were all quite anxious, which I think you can see at the start of the video, but we became more calm and confident as the lesson went on.

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Walt: identify and explain the effects of language features in a text



Discuss what similes and metaphors are

Identify their use in a poem and discuss why the author has chosen to use them

Use reciprocal reading to unpack 'Because I could not stop for Death' by Emily Dickinson

Read 'Across the Sea' by Hone Rata and consider the authors use of language features


Choose a create activity from the list on side 7


Share your creation on your blog

Journey: Haerenga

A Red Red Rose

Similes and Metaphors

What is a metaphor?

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