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This week we have been doing an integrated maths and science study on solubility. This is based on this unit from NZ Maths.

This lesson involved learning about measuring mass and volume, through the context of a science experiment and a comparison between coke and orange juice.

Extended lesson plan

Things to note

This lesson took place at the end of term 4, where I like to use integrated units to revise concepts that we learnt early in the year. In this case, a lot of our geometry and measurement teaching occurred in the lockdown, so we needed some hands on activities to consolidate knowledge and fill in any gaps.


This lesson shows how I notice, recognise and respond to my students needs. I allowed them some time to grapple with the questions and discuss concepts, but if I noticed that they were not going to come to a correct conclusion, I responded by explaining it to them or giving them an opportunity to explore the concept further, such as when I gave them the opportunity to measure out 65g of sugar.

Class Site Content

Walt: make accurate measurements using a variety of measuring equipment



Discuss what solubility is

Look at the amount of sugar in coke and juice

Investigate how much sugar can be dissolved in 100ml of water


Create a science experiment investigating the solubility of sugar


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