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Direct instruction

This episode was filmed just before our Manaiakalani Film Festival. This is a classic Cybersmart lesson all about the importance of commenting on blogs. We discussed why it is important to comment on blogs before discussing how to write a quality comment.

Extended lesson plan

Things to note

My students have done similar lessons before, so they already had an understanding of the key steps of blog commenting. If this was their first session, we would spend more time co-constructing comments and I would look over them before they posted.


The class were pretty excited for the film festival so the noise level in class was louder than usual. They all came up with some fantastic tips, which enabled us to film a class movie in the same lesson - in less than an hour. With the different discussions and activities to scaffold them, it was pretty easy for the students to come up with a script and actions in about ten minutes.

Class Site Content

Walt: create quality blog comments



Discuss why we leave blog comments

Watch the video to get ideas about writing quality blog comments


Create a poster with top tips for commenting

Create a movie clip with a top tip


Share your poster on your blog

Smart Relationships: Quality Blog Comments

Tips for commenting

Quality Blog Comments.mp4

Our commenting movie

Commenting tips

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