Direct instruction

This episode shows two parts of a lesson. In the first session, I introduced the task (to create a digital CV) and we discussed both the written and digital demands of the activity.

In the second session, I roamed the class and gave the students feedback as they independently created their own CVs.

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Things to note

I had already taught my students to make a website at the start of the year, so there was minimal teaching required regarding Google Sites. As I roamed the class and moved quickly between students, it was challenging to capture the full lesson.


The class enjoyed creating their own websites, but they found some aspects of the writing more difficult than others. Overall, it was quite hard for them to sell themselves as they were all very humble. I could have made this point even clearer in the start, although I anticipated that this would be the case.

Class Site Content

Walt: create a digital CV



Participate in the class discussion about CVs and creating using Google Sites


Create a digital CV that sells yourself to your future teacher.


Share your CV on your blog - we will continue to work on it this term.

Learner Generated Content

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